On January 27th, 1863, the 80th Ohio was still guarding the railroad between Colliersville and Germantown, Tennessee. On this date, a forage train from the 80th Ohio's Brigade was attacked by a force of about 75 rebel cavalrymen near Germantown. The escort covered the train, and brought it off in safety without any loss to the Brigade. However, about 24 men of the 4th Illinois Cavalry, being in the same vicinity, were drawn into ambush and fired on by the enemy. Three were killed, 3 wounded and 16 missing, presumed captured. Colonel Eckley immediately sent reinforcements, but the enemy retreated quickly across the Coldwater River. Eckley placed a force of infantry at the bridge across the Nonconnah, and sent a force of cavalry down the Hernando road and another to Miller's Bridge. The enemy's force south of the Coldwater and west of Byhalia was reported to be at least 500 strong. The rebel cavalry had been sending small parties almost every day to attack and harass the Brigade's trains and pickets. About the middle of February, the 80th Ohio and its Division moved to Memphis, going into camp there to await further orders.



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