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4th Illinois Cavalry

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 On August 1861, Judge T. Lyle Dickey, of Ottawa, LaSalle County was authorized by the Secretary of War to raise and organize a regiment of cavalry.

Sometime afterwards, but before the Regiment was complete, a controversy arose between the Secretary of War and Governor Yates, of Illinois. In the settlement of which it was conceded that the Governor should commission the officers selected by Dickey, and the organization went upon the record as the Fourth Illinois Cavalry.

So on the 26th day of September, 1861, the Regiment was mustered into the United States military service for a period of 3 years and soon after took up its line of march for Springfield where it received its arms, which were not removed from their cases, however, until the command arrived at Cairo

The regiment left Ottawa with 1050 enlisted men and 46 Officers. Three years later, when we returned to Springfield to be mustered out, we had 340 men, exclusive of 116 that re-enlisted and a few that received commissions in colored regiments. P. O. Avery, Company "I", 4th Illinois Cavalry


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