Dwight Allen Brown




He was born 10 Jan 1837 in North Adams, Mass. At the age of 1 year, he moved with his family Allen Brown and Uncles, Alexis and Andrew Brown to Earl, Illinois (name later changed to Earlville). He married Celestia Agnew, daughter of Henry and Margaret Agnew, of Earlville on 2 Jan 1860. The Allen Brown family owned and worked a large farm on the North edge of Earlville.

On 13 Aug 1862, Dwight Allen Brown joined the 4th Regular Cavalry Illinois Volunteers, at Chicago, Illinois. He was a private in Company "M" (there is Conflicting records on which company he served in when but he was in both Company's M and B. I have one record that says he was in Company B Commended by Captain Meriman).

The following is his sworn Affidavit in his application for an Invalid Pension:

"My company, (Co.M, 4th Ill Cav) was consolidated with Co B, 4th Ill Cav Battalion, afterward I was wounded and returned to Service. This Co. M to which I first belonged was operating in the vicinity of Holly Springs and other Points on the Ills Central RR in the state of Mississippi,on or about The 5th day of Dec, 1862, In the vicinity of Coffeeville, Miss. while in the Line of duty and in pursuit of Gen. Price's forces, we became engaged with the enemy and were repulsed. In this engagement I was shot through the right thigh. The ball entering between the hip and knee, about half way and ranging forward came out on the inside of thigh and entered the holster of my saddle. After retreating to the rear, I was placed in an ambulance and taken to field Hospital No. 124 of the 124th Illinois Infantry. From there I was taken to our own Regimental Hospital, from there to Holly Springs, from there to Memphis and from there to Keokuk Iowa and was treated in said hospital, by Doctors’ Osburn and Latham. For my treatment in the field, I cannot say who treated me."

Dwight Allen Brown was returned to active duty in the spring of 1865, joining Company B into which his old Company "M" had been consolidated.

Dwight Allen had two sons, Delbert Mortimer Brown and Jay Gordon Brown. The family moved from Earlville, Ill to Hamden, Missouri, in Chariton County in about. 1885. Dwight Allen passed away in 12 April 1931. He is buried in the fairview cemetery, In Chariton County, Missouri.

This information was submitted by Dwight Allen Brown's great grandson, Elvin E. Brown.