Nathan Bedford Forrest Escapes from Fort Donelson

This beautiful Civil War print features Confederate Colonel Nathan Bedford Forrest, he lead his 1500 men and their equipment in their famous escape from Fort Donelson, Tennessee, just escaping Col Dickey's Grasp. On the night of February 16, 1862, surrounded by Union forces the Confederate garrison at Fort Donelson decided to surrender the next day. Colonel Forrest refused to surrender and sent two aides out to find an escape route. They found a place in Lick Creek that was only three feet deep and crossable by men and horses. The crossing was difficult but successful by dawn Colonel Forrest and his men safe and well out of harm's way while the remaining 13,000 troops who elected to remain surrendered to General Grant and the Union Army. He was and still is a Great Confederate leader of his men. Below you will find a panoramic view of fort Donelson