General Order Number 5



"For temporary government, the forces of this military district will be divided and commanded as follows, to wit:

"The First Brigade will consist of the Eighth, Eighteenth, Twenty-seventh, Twenty-ninth, Thirtieth, and Thirty-first regiments of Illinois Volunteers, Schwartz’s and Dresser’s batteries, and Stewart’s, Dollin’s, O’Harnett and Carmichael’s cavalry. Colonel R. J. Oglesby, senior colonel of the brigade, commanding.

"The Second Brigade will consist of the Eleventh, Twentieth, Forty-fifth, and Forty-eight Infantry, Fourth Illinois Cavalry, Taylor’s and McAllister’s Artillery. (The latter with four siege guns.) Colonel W. H. L. Wallace commanding.

"The First and Second Brigades will constitute the First Division of the District of Cairo, and will be commanded by Brigadier-General John A. McClernand.

"The Third Brigade will consist of the Eighth Wisconsin, Forty-ninth Illinois, Twenty-fifth Indiana, four companies of artillery, and such troops as are yet to arrive. Brigadier-General E. A. Pain commanding.

"The Fourth Brigade will be composed of the Tenth Iowa Infantry; Houtaling’s battery of Light Artillery, four companies of the Seventh and two companies of the First Illinois Cavalry. Colonel Morgan commanding.

"General E. A. Paine is assigned to the command of Cairo and Mound City, and Colonel Morgan to the command of Bird’s Point.

"By order of U.S.Grant, Brigadier General. Commanding

"John A. Rawlins, A.A.G."