Battle Maps


"Big Black"

"Port Gibson"

"Fort Donelson", Battle of Fort Donelson became the site of the first Major defeat for the Confederates in the Civil War.

"Map of Pea Ridge"or"Elk Horn Tavern" -Battle of Pea Ridge or Elkhorn Tavern,Location: Benton County. Date: March 6th through the 8th, 1862.Principal Commanders: Major. General. Samuel R. Curtis (U.S.); Major. General Earl Van Dorn (C.S.).Forces Engaged: Army of the Southwest (U.S.) and the Army of the West (C.S.),Estimated Casualties: 5,949 total (U.S. 1,349) and (C.S. 4,600).

On the night of March 6th, Major General Earl Van Dorn set out to outflank the Union position near Pea Ridge, Dividing his army into two columns. Learning of Van Dorn’s approach, the Federals marched north to meet his advance on March 7th This movement, compounded by the killing of two generals, Brig. General Ben McCulloch and Brig. General James McQueen McIntosh, and the capture of their ranking colonel, halted the Rebel attack. Van Dorn led a second column to meet the Federals in the Elkhorn Tavern and Tanyard Area. By nightfall, the Confederates controlled Elkhorn Tavern and Telegraph Road. The next day, Major General Samuel R. Curtis, having regrouped and consolidated his army, counterattacked near the tavern and, by successfully employing his artillery, slowly forced the Rebels back. Running short of ammunition, Van Dorn abandoned the Battlefield. The Union controlled Missouri for the next two years.The Results: Union Victory.

"Shiloh" April 6th 1862 - The Confederates under General Albert Sidney Johnston attacked the unspecting General U.S. Grant, and pushed him back to Pittsburg Landing as the evening set on the battle field.

"Shiloh" The 7th of April - The battle raged all day until about 2:30p.m. Beauregard decided to withdraw to Corinth.