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Clinton Public

(DeWitt County, Illinois)

Friday, September 11, 1891

Mr. A. A. CANTRALL was up from Cisco [Macon County, Illinois] last Monday and made a visit to THE PUBLIC office. Mr. Cantrall was raised in DeWitt County, over near Waynesville, and enlisted from this county and served three years in the Fourth Illinois Cavalry. For a number of years he has lived in Cisco, taking life easy. He is an incorrigible old bachelor, and we advised him to look around his old home and see if he could not find a good woman who would take pity on him and marry him so that the remaining years of his life might be happy.



Clinton Public

(DeWitt County, Illinois)

Friday, June 5, 1891

P. N. Williams and family have moved back to Clinton from Iowa and will remain here for the summer, at least. He owns a good house in this city and a small farm near here. Prent. is getting tired of wandering around and may conclude to settle down in Clinton.

[This is Prentice Williams who wrote the Cotton Raid article.]



Clinton Public

January 10, 1890

Mr. A. A. Cantrall, of Cisco, Macon County, was in Clinton last Monday

visiting old friends and army comrades. He served in the Fourth

Illinois Cavalry, and was a member of Captain Harvey Merriman's

company. Mr. Cantrall was raised in Waynesville township, but of late

years he has lived in Macon county. Strange to say, he is an old



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