Taps Sounded 


Joseph Smith Fanning, Company "F"

Samuel C Fanning, Company "F"

James Taylor, Died Andersonville Prison

George H Ranson, Died Andersonville Prison

Andrew J. Hayne, "Captain"

Marcellus J. Knapp, Company "A"

Ernest Gasssnick, Company "H"

William B. Sims

Alfred Wood

Isaiah Roland, (Private)

Michigan Soldiers, from the 4th Illinois Cavalry

Lyle T. Dickey, "Colonel", "Supreme Court Judge"

Isaac Pearce, Company "C"

Charles Walker, Company "E" and "H", Prairie Creek

Harry Dewitt, Company "G" (Cook)

Peter O. Hill, Company "I" and the U.S.S. Cairo

John R Brewer, Company "I"

George Franklin, Company "C"

Joseph Gillett Wheat, Company "G" (Bugler)

Alfred W. Fellows, Company "E"

Marshall Henry Moon, Donated by:Jane Slaughter

Marshall Henry Moon Head Stone, Donated by:Jane Slaughter

Horace Walton, Buried at Camp Butler

Randall A Williams

Craig, J.D, Company "M"

Charles Edwin Billings, answered the Final Call

Daniel Hayes

William O Rogers, Company "L"

Charles W. Patterson

William Bottomly

George W. Genung

Alfred Mead

4th Illinois Soldiers, Buried in Illinois

William C Sanders

George Shadle

John Shadler

J. Shadle

Timoth Sunmer

Reuben Webster

Waren Wilcox

Horace Wallace

Nathaniel Nichols

Cavender Robinson

Joseph W Phelps, Death Notice, by Mr Dan West

Alexander T Crego, Company "B" (Lieutenant)

Henry E Abrams, Company "D" and "C"

John S Abbey, Company "A"

Charles J. Haynes, Company "C"

Joseph E Hitt, Company "B" and "M" (Captain)

Jonas Seely, Company "C" (Private)

Richard J. Oglesby, Company "C" and "I"

George W Hughes, aka: George W Huse, Company "I"

John Wesley Hitt, Company "M"

Sanford B Saltsaman, Company "G"

Amos A Cantrall, Company B & L, by Judy Simpson

Hazard C Eaton

Issac H. Griswold

James Sturgis Sterling, Companies "A" and "H"

Stephen Archer, Company G, Donated by: Ted Pack

Gordon Wood, Company "I"

Henry N Peters, Company "K"

Harrison White, Company "B"

Marcellus C Phinney, Company "H" and Headquarters

William Gerhold, Unassigned Recruit

James S. Sterling, Companies "B" and "H"

C W Walters

Samuel Lottinville, Company "A" & "K"

Humphrey, George

Graig, DeWitt

Charles Krum

Bradley, Edgar

Everett, Samuel

Johnston Or Johnson, Arthur

Smith, Eli

Hall, James, Leland

Ellis, William

Highland, William

Leonard, Lathrop O

Sherman, Frank

Allen,. Alonzo, F

McIntire, Stewart

Bryant, George C

Maddox, A. J.

Barr, James, Henry

Jolly, Robert

Jolly, David

Smith, Henry C.

Walker, Kirk L.

Hall, Asher, B.

Timothy Dougherty

John Backas

Michael Kelly

Wormley, John, T.

Jas McGregor Donated by Matt Anderson

Daniel Hayes

Lory Cornelius Davis

William Lyons Metcalfe

Peter Johnson

John T. Harper

John Rendle, Donated by Steve Sullivan and Matt Anderson

Warren Wilcox, Company M

John Wesley Skinner, Company "G"

Charles William Ertell

Sanford Whiting

Private John Rendle

Thomas Saul, Company "G"

Charles D Parker, Company "C"

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