Ernest Gassnick

Dear Mr. Wallace,

It has been brought to my attention that Ernest Gassnick of Co. H, 4th Illinois Cavalry and Co. M 12th Illinois Cavalry is buried in Alberta, Canada. In a very small town cemetery called Alix. l have been to the cemetery this summer and have taken pictures of the headstone and l have talked to the descendents. The descendents very much want more information. l realize l don't have enough basic information to get his records from Washington. He is apparently written up in the local history book but unfortunately l can't find a copy of it since l live a couple hours away from Alix. l have the regiments help but all else l know is that he was born in Germany or Prussia and died on April 26, 1931 at age 82 which works out that he was born in 1849. He was married at the time to a Bertha Gassnick who died on Sept. 7th, 1934 at age 41. Since his granddaughter said that her dad was 70 when her mother was born. The family believes that there is an earlier family which they wish to locate. The granddaughter feels that her grandmother applied for a widow's pension, now whether she got it ... is another matter.

l was wondering if you had any information that would help. l am willing to share what information l have or will get, if l get his records.

Thank you for your time. l do appreciate it.

Kathy Brown Please write Kathy Brown, by clicking on the e-mail below if anyone can add more information for the family. thank you; Ronald Wallace