George C. A. Bryant

George C A Bryant joined the 4th Illinois at Yellowhead Illinois on October 11 1861; On October 17 1861 George enlisted as a private with Company "K", there he received a disability discharge from Company "K" and the Regiment on September 8 1862 , perhaps being wounded at Shiloh or Cornith. According to the information on Indiania's pension records Bryant died January 28 1918, his wife listed as Vietta A. Bryant

I have located further information: George's wife's name was Vietta A Snyder Born: 26 Dec 1857 in [city], Iroquois, Illinois, USA. Died: 22 Sep 1957 in [city], Newton, Indiana, USA

Marriage: 2 Oct 1892 in [city], Jasper, Indiana, USA


Ruth E Bryant F 17 Jan 1894 in [city], [county], Indiana, USA

Byron Bryant M 28 May 1897 in [city], [county], Indiana, USA

Blanche Bryant F 31 Dec 1898 in [city], Newton, Indiana, USA

Gyda Bryant F 3 Jan 1901 in [city], Newton, Indiana, USA