Michael Kelly



Michael Kelly joined the 4th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry in Lockport, Illinois on September 16 1861 enlisting as a private; then on September 26 1861 he enlisted with Company "D" of the same regiment; here is where I loose Michael Kelly, on January 31 1862 Michael was transfered from Company "D", no records as yet of further transfer, discharge, or desertion.

Regimental History

Three years service

Fourth Cavalry.-Cols., T. Lyle Dickey, Martin R. M. Wallace; Lieut.-Cols., William McCullough, Martin R. M. Wallace, William L. Gibson, Majs.,William McCullough, Charles C. James, Martin R. M. Wallace Samuel M. Bowman, William L. Gibson, Mindret Wemple, Charles D. Townsend. On Sept. 26, 1861, this regiment was mustered into the U. S. service for three years and soon after took up its line of march for Springfield, where it received its arms, which were not removed from their cases, however, until the command arrived at Cairo. Upon the arrival of the regiment at Cairo it went into camp upon the highest ground that could be found, where an immense amount of labor was done by the command in the way of clearing and log rolling before a decent camp could be arranged. Very shortly after getting settled Co. C was detached and sent to the Big Muddy as a bridge guard, and Co. A was detached to serve as escort to Gen. U. S. Grant, in whose service it continued until Aug., 1863. In Dec., 1861, when the reconnoissance to Columbus, Ky., was ordered, the regiment moved with the rest of the army and became the advance body, where it kept its place during the entire, movement. It was slightly engaged at Fort Henry and then pursued the retreating Confederates toward Fort Donelson, meeting its first loss in the death of a private in Co. I. The regiment participated in the battles of Fort Donelson and Shiloh, in the movement on Corinth, then did guard duty in various places until Aug., 1863, when it was ordered to Vicksburg and remained at that place until the expiration of its term of service. In the latter part of Oct., 1864, that part of the regiment that had not reenlisted was ordered home to be mustered out. When the regiment left Cairo in Feb., 1862, it had about 1,100 men and when it came back to that point in 1864, it had 340-the latter being the number that were mustered out at Springfield in Nov. 1864.

Source: The Union Army, vol. 3

Battles Fought

Fought on 27 October 1861 at Kankakee, IL.