Tom Saul

4th Illinois Cavalry

Company "G"

All Information has been kindly provided by: Tim McKern


A couple of years ago I did send for and receive Tom Saul's military records (not much information, mostly pay vouchers and purchases of saddle or bridles). I also got his pension records which had much more information, including the letter that I forwarded to you.

My grandmother told me that her father Tom was injured in a charge when his horse was shot out from under him. His pension letter said that his injury came near LaGrange, MS in the spring of '63, though I've seen other information saying that it happened in the Fall of '62. I think that '62 is more likely since the 4th saw more action at that time.

And just in case you could use this information, Tom died in 1911 and is buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Bloomington, IL.

If I ever get a photo of Tom Saul I will be sure to share with you.

Tim McKern


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