Alexander T. Crego

Full Lieutenant and Adjutant

Head Quarters

4th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry



Alexander T. Crego, enlisted as a lieutenant first class on August 1, 1862, and was promoted to Full Lieutenant first class on that same day, also being first Lieutenant. Commissioned October 11, 1862 1st Lieutenant and Adjutant.


Illinois: roster of Officers and Enlisted Men. (Illinois Roster) Published in 1900

Alexander T. Crego

Great Granddaughter

Nancy Crego Powers

Alexander T. Crego is buried in the Dutch Reform Church Cemetery in Claverack, New York. Alexander’s Son Arthur V. Crego was born in or near by Hudson but lived his childhood in Claverack. Nancy has seen the gravestone and has a picture of it. If you would like to contact Nancy please e-mail me: Ronald Roy Wallace. And I shall try and forward the information on to her.