Charles J. Haynes


Company “C4th Illinois Cavalry




My relatives (great grandfather, Sergeant Charles J. Haynes; Great Granduncle, Capt. Andrew J. Haynes, & Great Grand cousin, Lieutenant, Lorenzo Haynes all of Kendall County) all served with the 4th Illinois Cavalry. They were double cousins who grew up together, volunteered together, & made it through the whole war together. They have a Very Interesting story.

Uncle Andrew & Cousin Lorenzo was together with the 1st Mississippi Volunteer Cavalry, and then 3rd U.S. Colored Cavalry, Company “K”. While my Great grandfather Charles appears to have stayed with the 4th Illinois, I believe in Company “C”. I wish I knew why he, too, didn't end up with the colored troops as well, but of course, they were all down there in the Mississippi arena together in close proximity to one another.

There are stories of Uncle Andrew's exploits while with the colored troops that's really something, but what's most amazing, sad & disgusting, is that after the war in 1867, he was ambushed and murdered on the street in Arkansas by a KKK assassin for his activities in the war. I am still in the information gathering stage, as I've only discovered all this during the past year of genealogical research on my father's side of my family, about whom I've known very little until now. I hope to get downtown soon in D.C. to view Andrew and Lorenzo's names on the African American Civil War Memorial there. More than anything, I would Love to unearth some photographs somewhere of any or all of them then.



Additional Information:

According to Official Records, Lorenzo Haynes, joined the 72nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry as a private, then was discharged for Promotion on March 04 1864 to Company “K” of the 3rd Colored Cavalry, as a Sergeant.

High lighted in red are the battles Lorenzo Haynes served in while with the 72nd Illinois Infantry.

The following is a list of Battles that the 72nd Illinois Volunteer Infantry was engaged in during service:

Battles Fought

Battle at Cross Bayou, Louisiana on 14 September 1862

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 19 May 1863

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 21 May 1863

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 22 May 1863

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 23 May 1863

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 24 May 1863

Battle at Vicksburg, Mississippi on 18 June 1863

Battle on 07 May 1864

Battle on 29 November 1864

Battle at Franklin, Tennessee on 30 November 1864

Battle at Spanish Fort, Alabama on 01 April 1865

Charles J. Haynes

Enlisted residence: Morris, Illinois

Joined the 4th Illinois Cavalry, Company “C”, he mustered out on June 14, 1864 with the Volunteers, and transferred to Company “D” of the Veterans on June 14, 1865, then on June 15, 1865 discharged, during his service with the 4th Illinois cavalry Charles was promoted to Full Sergeant, then again to Full 1st Sergeant.

Probably one of the reasons why Charles J. Haynes did not join up with the 3rd Illinois Colored Cavalry, was because the Confederate army held them under the Black Flag, meaning any soldier from a Colored Unit that was captured was executed on the spot. This included all White officers.