W.O. Rogers 4th Illinois Cavalry


W. O. ROGERS of 4678, Bourbon Co.

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Surname: Rogers, Hildreth, Abner, DeLand, Hall, Bartley, and Faucett

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1882 History DeWitt Co. Bourbon Co KY.

William O. Rogers. William O. was born in Bourbon County, Kentucky., September 9th 1836. The family was originally from Virginia. His father, John Rogers, was born in Kentucky, in 1800. He died in the same state in 1867. He was a minister in the Christian Church, and a co-worker with Rev. B.W. Stone and Alexander Campbell, the pioneers of the Christian Church in America. He married Elender Hildreth, of Bourbon County, Ky. She died in 1838, he afterwars married Mildred Adair, who was of a Virginian family. By his first marriage there were eight children, of which the subject of this sketch is the only survivor. He was raised in Bourbon County, Ky. In his youth he learned the saddle and harness trade. In the fall of 1856 he came to Logan County, Ill., and worked upon a farm. Two years later he returned to Kentucky. In 1859 he made arrangments to take a company of men to Pike's Peak, but after arriving at Fort Laramine on the Platte River, concluded to abandon the enterprise, and returned home. On his return he stopped in Clinton, in De Witt County, and found work in a general store, clerked for one year, then returned to Kentucky, and in August 1861 he enlisted for three years in Company "L" of the 4th Illinois Cavalry. The company was raised in De Witt and McLean Counties. The 4th was placed under the command of General Grant, and assisted in the capture of Fort Donelson, was also in the battle of Pittsburgh Landing, and first battle of Corinth. They were stationed at Trenton, Tennessee, from there went to Humboldt, and were with Grant on the Hatchie river campaign, and in the battle of Coffeeville, where the regiment lost, Colonel McCollough in the retreat of the regiment, from Coffeeville.
In the summer of 1863 the command did picket duty, and guarded lines of railroads in Tennessee, Vicksburg and were sent out on the Black River, and in December went to Natchez, Mississippi, where they remained until expiration of service. In November 1864 Mr. Rogers returned to Clinton, and in the spring of 1865 engaged in farmin in Barnett Township. In the spring of 1866 moved to Tazewell County, and farmed three years, then returned to his father in law and farmed two years. In 1872 he moved to Hallsville and built a dwelling house, which was soon after burned down. He sold the first goods in the town, and was the first Postmaster, and still continues in that capacity. Mr. Rogers conducted the mercantile business for Messrs. DeLand and Hall. In 1874, he in connection with J.C. Humphrey's started in the general merchandising business. Six months later he sold out to Humphrey's, but clerked for him for two years. He then went into business for himself, in which he still continues. On the 24th of August 1865, He was united in marriage to Miss Mary A Bartley, a native of Madison County, Ohio; daughter of John and Nancy Bartley, who settled in De Witt County in 1849. Three children were born to them, named Minnie W.; John; and Maud Rogers. His wife and daughters are menbers of the Christian Church. He is a member of A.F.A.M. He has always voted the Republican ticket. In 1878 he was elected justice of the Peace to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Squire Faucett, and held the scales of Justice impartially.

Wilkinson Topley Family

The Carlisle Herald, 1869

The Roll of Honor

August 6, 1869

Many additional names haveing been received and added since your last publication, the Soldiers Roll of Honor now stands, as follows, and comprises the names of 19 officers and 289 non-commissioned officers and privates. The list has also been revised and corrected, but there may yet be names inaccurately published. The Roll will be no longer published, but new names may still be sent in to the Secretary who will add them to the record, all will appear in due time on the enduring tablets of the monument.


The publishers of the Herald have the warmest thanks of the officers of the Association for their frequent and gratuitous publications of the Roll.

E. Beatty, Corresponding Secretary

July 1869

[More details from an earlier column regarding the Roll of Honor]

The following list comprises all the names of Officers and Soldiers from Cumberland county who fell on the field of battle, or who died from wounds or disease, contracted while serving in the army, during the war of the Rebellion, which have been sent into the Secretary of the Soldiers' Monument Association, in conformity with the request made through the newspapers of the country some months since.

The list gives the names of 17 Commissioned Officers and 268 non-commissioned Officers and private soldiers, 283 in all; the list may not be complete, or entirely correct. The officers of the Association earnestly desire to have it complete, so that not a single name which is entitled to appear on the roll of honor on the Soldiers' Monument shall be omitted. Friends of deceased soldiers, or officers of companies, who may know of any Cumberland County men who fell in battle, or died of wounds or disease contracted during the war, are therefore specially requested to send in all such names to the Secretary, by letter or otherwise, without delay. The Secretary should also be promptly informed of any errors in the names, so that they may be corrected.

The building of the Monument is now in progress, and as the engraving of the tablets will soon be commenced, all new names must be promptly sent in.

List of Officers

Col Henry J Zinn, 130th Pa Vol

Col Henry J Biddle, A Gen'l Pa Reserve Corps

Capt John R Smead, 5th U S Artillery

Capt Jas S Colwell, Co A 7th Regt Pa Res Corps

Capt Thomas P Dwen, Co H 1st Regt Pa Res Corps

Capt Wm Laughlin, Co E 130th Pa Vol

Capt Hugh McCullough, 9th PA Cavalry

Capt George Corman, Co F 56th [?] Regular Pa. Volunteers

Capt Daniel G May, K 7th Pa Cavalry

Lieut Joseph Stuart, Co H 1st Regt Pa Res Corps

Lieut George W Comfort, Co H 7th Regt Pa Res Corps

Lieut Wm A Givler, Co F 130th Pa Vol

Lieut Isaac B Kauffman, Co H 9th Pa Cavalry

Lieut Theo Mounts, 9th Pa Cavalry

Lieut Alfred F Lee, Co M 17th Pa Cavalry

Lieut Wm B Blaney, 2d Iowa Cavalry

Lieut James A Dawson, Co E 1st Colorado Vols

Surgeon Jno B Coover, 6th Pa Cavalry

Wm F Law, Asst Eng U S N

1st Regt. Pa, Res. Corps.

Frank Hunt, H

David Askew, H

Joseph Ewing, H

Wm Donnelly, H

Curtis Griffin, H

William Watson, H

John Black, H

Frederick Brown, H

Samuel Baker, H

Wm Quigley, H

John Clouser, H

John Shaefer, H

Geo Norton, H

Fred Morrison, H

Jos Buttorf, I

Chas F Gould, I

John Mathias, I

John Shisler, I

Christian Kauffman, I

Levi Kennedy, I

John Lusk, I

Frank Wilson, I

Wm Baxter, I

Wm, Dunlap, I

John Baker, I

Wm Spottswood, I

7th Regt. Pa. Res. Corps.

Wm M Henderson, A

Wm R Holmes, A

Van Buren Eby, A

Wm Zimmerman, A

Wm Culp, A

Jacob Landis, A

John R Kenyon, A

Geo W. Weise, A

Chas Breckbill, A

John T Cuddy, A

Jas Miller, A

Benj Haverstick, A

Wm A Low, A

Joe Y Steele, A

John Callio, A

John T Adams, A

Chas [?] Jursier [?], A

Fred K Rieff, A

Edward T Walker, A

David S Walker, A

J Harry Eby, A

Henry T Green, A

Wm McClean, A

David Haverstick, A

Patrick Brasnon [?], A

Leo W Faller [?], A

Wm Nevil, A

Robt H Spottswood, A

David H Spahr, A

Saml E. Smith, A

George P Wilders, A

John A Schlosser, A

Saml Heffifinger, A

Jos B Mooney, H

Daniel M Hoover, H

Geo H Smith, H

J Richey Clark, H

John Devlin, H

John Lininger, H

Saml Wesley, H

Max Barshal, H

Chas Beaverson, H

John Anthonmy, H

Benj Baker, H

Michael Hops [?], H

Isaiah Siders, H

Thos J Aches, H

Jonas Blesser, H

Levi A Bowen, H

D W Conrad, H

Saml Odons, H

Franklin A Smith, H

Jacob A Welty, A

Milton Warner, H

Wm H Kline, H

Michael J Fought [?], H

11th Regiment. Pa. Volunteers.

Wilson Vanard [?], A

Jeff Warden [?], A

Moses Ross, A

Geo L Reighter, A

John Spang, A

Thos Hughes, A

Thos Conway, A

Jeff Christman, A

Wm Fielding, A

46th Regt. Pa. Vols

Thomas Lyne, F

Samuel Kriner, H

55th Regt. Pa. Vols

Fred Sanno, F

James C Filey, E

Geo Sanno, F

James Tyson, B

78th Regt. Pa. Vols

George H Coover, D

George Grove, D

84th Regt. Pa. Vols

Peter Darr, G

Samuel T Kunkle, G

Reuben Line, G

Richard Lilly, G

John Ritson, G

Benj Hipple, G

Adam Sheaffer, G

Thomas Snoddy, G

37th Regt. Pa. Vols

Michael Ritzon, N [maybe M]

John Lutz, E

Homas Neely, N [maybe M]

Charles Huber, N [maybe M]

Edward Beaverson, N [possibly M]

Henry Snyder N [maybe M]

99th Regt. Pa. Vols

Wm H Chapman, A

101st Regt. Pa. Vols

Levi Katz, A

Christian Rothe, A

102d Regt. Pa. Vols

John Fahnestock, H

107th Regt. Pa. Vols

Peter R. Pislee, D

115th Regt. Pa. Vols

John F. McMath, G

127th Regt. Pa. Vols

Benjamin Hoover, F

Edward Crandell, F

130th Regt. Pa. Vols

Geo W. Green, A

Wm E Greason, A

A Brownawell, A

Phillip Faber, A

Joseph P Weaver, A

Marion S Carbaugh, D

John A Stichler, E

Thad McKeehan, N

David E Millar, E

Wm A McCune, E

Wm Lockery, E

Wm P Woods, E

John W Crull, E

Jesse K Allen, E

Joseph Connery, E

David B Kauffman, H

George Brenizer, D

George J McLean, D

Elijah M Diehl, D

D Hoerner, F

Thomas English, F

Samuel K May, F

Theo R Zinn, F

Henry F Lamberton, F

John Fitzer, F

Keller Bobb, F

Peter Y Knisely, F

Benj F Barshinger, F

George White, F

John Barkley, G

James Witherow, G

Samuel McNaughten, G

Levi Bender, H

Joseph B Snavely, H

Nicholas Lenhar [?], D

Henry Miller, D

Joseph Matthews, D

Alexander Smith, D

143d Regt. Pa. Vols

John Heizer, E

148th Regt. Pa. Vols

Isaac Bear, A

149th Regt. Pa. Vols

Levi Knapp, A

George Enser, A

158th Regt. Pa. Vols

Abraham Myers, A

David Barnhill, A

Jacob Bricker, A

Hugh Campbell, F

Eli Ford, F

Zacharias Ford, F

Joseph Stine, F

James Cunningham, A

James McCaskey, C

Samuel Mixel, F

Daniel A Ziegler, F

Andrew Fickes, F

Henry Oatman, A

184th Regt. Pa. Vols

John G. Trout, O

187th Regt. Pa. Vols

F Eschenberger, B

Joseph Shaw, D

Theo K Boyles, D

Mc E Faughender, D

Wm P Gensler, D

Henry Nonemaker, D

Samuel Lutz, D

Uriah Stahl, D

David Sheriff, D

188th Regt. Pa. Vols

Jospeh Millard, I

194th Regt. Pa. Vols

John A Plank, F

200th Regt. Pa. Vols

Wm N Heagy, I

James Kroll, E

Lewis B Fink, E

Henry Yost, E

Michael Smith, E

John Askew, E

George Wolf, E

D Lenker, E

201st Reg. Penna. Vol.

Richard C Moore, K

202d Regt. Pa. Vols

Jacob Burkhart, H

Sylvester J Orris, H

Samuel J Gochenaur, G

Robert Gracey, G

William Webb, G

Daniel Hippensteel, G

Joseph Reese, G

Joseph Gochenaur, G

Jesse Swartz, G

209th Regt. Pa. Vols

Thomas Hoerner, Company "A"

John P Leib, "A"

Enoch Sykes " F"

Samuel Hollinger " F"

210th Regt. Pa. Vols

Lemuel Mitchell

3d Penn'a Cavalry

Chas A Holtzman, H

Abdiel Trone, H

Alex Koser, H

Josiah Gamble, H

Wm Myers, H

Wm Ewing, H

Samuel Golden, H

Adam Bricker, G

C Vanderbilt, H

Edward Tarman, H

Geo W Trout, H

Zach McGlaughlin, H

Joshuw McCoy, H

Culbertson Koser, H

John Nicholson, H

James Gilbert, M

7th Penn'a Cavalry

John Givler, K

George W Heck, K

Hiram Cleaver, K

Archibald Mullen, K

Joseph Livingston, K

9th Penn'a Cavalry

Joshue Duncan, I

Casper, Lizman, I

Jacob C Crens [?], I

Samuel McCullough, I

H Irvine, C

Robt L Kelly, I

Henry L Sennet, I

David Woods, I

Elijah Bittinger, I

Christian Felsinger, I

Leabright Keefauver, I

Henry Shriver, I

Jos A Shannon, I

Samuel A Welsh, I

Jacob Day, H

Johnston Bishop, H

Jacob Agle, D

William Bricker, I

Robert Laughlin, I

Samuel Speece, I [?]

11th Penn'a Cavalry

Anthony Y Knisely, K

13th Penn'a Cavalry

George W Graham, F

Anson Smith, F

Geo W Nailor, L

David F Hoerner, F

Jos Rudy, F

David W McKinney, F

Wm H Miller, F

James A Kelso, F

Benjamin D Hehn, F

John Snyder, F

Peter Huntsberger, [?]

John F Gettys, F

John F Eicenower, F

Wm D Kauffman, F

George Forney, F

A Y Steward, F

Jacob Myers, H

15th Penn'a Cavalry

John Butdorf, A

17th Penn'a Cavalry

Daniel E Hollinger, F

Emanuel Smith, F

Solomon Low, F

James Conley, B

Robt Kelly, F

WmShaw, F

John Burget, F

David Carle, F

Samuel Deardorf, F

Campbell Evilhock, F

James O'Donel, F

Wm B Flinchbaugh, F

Peter Ginter, F

Amos Hershberger, F

John W Kaufman, F

David Kutz, F

George W Megaw, F

Thomas Speece, F

Martin F Shoemaker, F

Emanuel Stouffer, F

Abner W Zug, F

Geo W Whitmore, F

Samuel G Weakline, F

Wilson Seavers, F

Wm H Weaver, F

Lewis Ringwalt, F

19th PA. Cavalry.

Serg't Wood, C

20th Penn'a Cavalry

Wm Baisley, F

Moses A Griffith, A

John M Kunkle, A

Wm Shelly, D

22d Pa. Cavalry

Jefferson Palm, F

U.S. Cavalry.

Chas Fought, 4th

Wm Connelly, 2d

Wm Natcher

John Weigle, 4th

Penn'a Artillery.

Geo W Welsh, 1st

Peter Paul, 3d

Horatio M Houston, 1st

Samuel Bortel, 3d

T W Christ, 3d

Wm H Albright, 3d

Henry Duncan, 2d Regt Cal Cavalry

Willis F Elliott, F 1st Rhode Island Cavalry

Jas W Hohn, of Company "L" 4th Illinois Cavalry