Third Letter

John D Kirby



Letter written by John DeVolney Kirby dated June 22, 1862 from Memphis, Tennessee to his brother William G. Kirby in Dewitt Co. Illinois.

Brother William. It is once more I have the pleasure of writing you a few lines, to let you know how I am getting along. At present my health is better than it has been for the past 4 weaks and I hope this will find you all well. I have just bin up in town and I thought I would come back and write how I liked the city. It is the handsomest town I ever saw. I looked with all anxiety to see Marion Gandy but did not see him. We are camped 31 miles east of Memphis on the railroad. We ran out of provisions and our company escorted the baggage train over to get a supply. We are going back tomorrow night. I forgot to tell you that I received your letter yesterday but I don't know what date it was for you did not date it. Libs (Elizabeth Kirby his sister) was the same way that I received a few days ago but the knews is just as good without the date. We have bin 3 weeks on the march from Corinth but what detained us was repairing the railroad bridges that they had burned. The cars will be running in a few days from Corinth to Memphis which will be to great advantage to our troops, but they used the road against us and now we will use it against them.

I don't think there will be much more fighting in the Western Division. I think we will take the boat and go up the river but I don't know where. I am in hopes to Cairo, and then I will take another pass to do some business for the Cap. That is what I will do. Bill, I am dam afraid I wont get to be with you all on the 4th which I was making great calculations on doing but I thank God I aint the only one (who) will be disappointed. If I get back in time for Campmeating I will be satisfied. As George (George Barnett his brother-in law) says do all you can yourself and tell them about me. You wrote as though I would not make much impression in that neighborhood now, but I will tell you in time not to build your fortifications too large or I will shell you out or you will have to evaguate and you will lose much labor, but I willing for you all to have as good a time as you can.

I got a letter from Bill the day we started from Corinth and he was at Henderson, Kentucky. He said he was getting some better. He thought he would go home soon. I expect he is there now so you know all about him. Tell him if he is there to never come back to this dam business, but I am not worried about that and I glory in his spunk and Joe's to. Cant make the riffle but I give her a tight rub sometimes for it, but I look too well, I haint drawed my money yet and I don't know when I will. I will send you some but if I thought this business would end soom I would keep it and buy me a war steed to fetch home. Well Bill you will hafto excuse me for this time as it is getting late and I am somewhat tired. I will write as I can and you must do the same. I think you have more time to write than me. Give all my best respects and love.

As ever, John D. Kirby

To William G. Kirby

Clinton, Illinois.



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